Before the singularity, don’t let Hitler rule the world anymore


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 AI/Robots are stealing our jobs, the many say. Afraid of losing their jobs. 

AI’s capability is abysmal (limitless). It’s way better than a badass marketer with fking MBA.

Here’s the list of what marketing AI is (are?) capable of:

  • “Better, Faster Decisions With Deep Learning.” 

  (Analyzing big data and act on it)

  • “Advanced Personalization Through Predictive Analysis.” 

  (Imagine ultimately optimized pop-up adverts)

  • “Best-in-Class Customer Service Via Virtual Assistant.” 


  • “Automated Content Production.” 


  • “Efficient Lead Nurturing and Customer Acquisition.” 

  (“Sending the right offers at the right time, converting prospects into long-lasting customers.”)

  “Leveraging the Power of AI in Marketing, Now and In the Future” by Kerri Hale (Follow her on Medium)

That was just one (a?) type of AI in the marketing dpt. is capable of. You know there’re many other field that AI can be utilized.

Dreadful, did you think?

Do we need MBA anymore…?

Some people even predict that the major companies will take over the market leveraging the power of AI, taking advantage of their financial power to develop it faster than the small businesses, getting bigger and bigger by M&Aing or other method like legally swallowing up the small businesses through their service; making small ones parasite on them, to be blatant. (Think about amazon vs Rakuten and Microsoft vs Apple).  Also, Many manpowered tasks will be automated. The known solution to cling on a job is to be able to do what human can only do / what makes a human human such as creating a thing from zero or so.

I dear say that’s about the general idea.

In my personal opinion, The many can benefit from the power of AI not having to do drudgery work such as a shop clerk at a convenience store (I feel sorry for them for having dead eyes, speaking like a communication disorder a.k.a. an useless bot), typing numbers on a computer keyboard all day long fighting drowsiness from the booze last night, drooling on it, or Having to listen to a madman shouting his unscrupulous complaint on the phone.

Those people come alive by being forced to get another humanly job in the early stage of AI era.

No more sorrow. Yay!

In the middle stage, A Paradigm shift of the value will have been done, people start to earn and live online by getting Likes such as Steemit. (Read お金 2.0 for further understanding if you read Japanese (you can read? you understand Japanese?)) The world of The Cryptocurrency, and hopefully downloadable food?

In the final stage, The Singularity comes over and is the end of the world, or is it? who knows?

 but the major concern is that not everyone earn and make a decent living. There’s always the ones who are left behind.

Unless we install the UBI in the system.

If we don’t, what would be the trajectories of them?



The first person to realize what’ll happen in the future was Adolf Hitler (I’m either a Nazi nor supporter of them).

Long story short, when he visited Japan for a secret meeting during the war, he seems to be haunted by something spiritual, then says something like: The gap between 2 kinds of human will escalate, There’ll be the smaller group manipulating the rest after 1989, something in the universe starts to go wrong at the same time, the biggest catastrophe hits, then the superhuman appears, rains the world from behind. (Just go to “A sci-fi story, Ubermensch, Godmensch”, it’s fun to read it if you like mysterious sci-fi stuff. There’s a book about this.)

 Take a particular note of the lines below from “A sci-fi story, Ubermensch, Godmensch” 

  1.   “The sorting of two types of humankind will escalate further. After 1989, there will be the new smaller group, the rulers, and the rest, the very large group of those who are controlled by the rulers. The rulers will be in total control.”
  2.   “The end of the 20th century may look like democratic or socialistic in the surface but in truth Nazism will be ruling from behind. Both democratic and socialistic countries will be buying weapons competitively and killing each other. The world will be exactly as I have hoped it to be, the strong rulers and the completely ruled mass.”
  3.  “However, there are more important incidents that will occur a hundred years later. This is the reason why I have gathered you all here today to inform you about what will happen, on January 25th, 2039.  You wouldn’t understand, but at this time, people will be at the ultimate state. In January, 2039 human will disappear from this planet, at least the kind of human beings we understand today will be gone.”

 1, Hell yeah man, that’s what’s been going on( ´,_ゝ`)

2, Fk yeah man, true for real! m9( ´,_ゝ`)



3, Here goes my sci-fi story.


 Brad pitt goes

‘Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate, so we can buy shit we don’t need.’

  ´,_ゝ`)Encouraging terrorism? You psyco.


 People miss MINIMALISM on Netflix.


 Very well tamed people scare their ass off to lose their jobs.

 Well educated people with decent upbringing never understand how criminals and jerks are made, saying they’re born that way. (I’ll cover this in another articles)

 So they reject the UBI, never to get out of the manipulation of capitalism, consumerism and the illusion of freedom of democracy.


 Destruction goes on.


People in the top tier put the useless in capsules, load them into rockets and send them off to another planet where new power plants are built.



Agent Smithes spawn. 


There’s no Mr. Anderson.



Yeah around 2039.



Year around 2045 – The singularity.




Let me stress again that I AM NOT Nazi or their supporter or a fan, or a cult of anything.

I am an advocate of the UBI / Post-Capitalism.